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Half-Life 2 Capture the Flag 2.1 full .zip archive (only requirement is a free Steam account)

Uploaded by jr2


Just found the mod; it looks awesome; there are ~14 dedicated servers, and no players yet!!!.  Cryin' shame, this looks to be an awesome game and it's FREE.  So, grabby and let's go!  

hl2ctf YouTube channel with gameplay footage

Homepage here.  Get Steam here if you haven't got it already.  ("Install Steam" from the top right of the site.)


1.2 GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, DX9 video card
Windows 2000 or higher, DirectX
A Free Steam Account

Main page links: (I copied the Install Instructions here already )

Install Instructions
Player's Guide
Book of Revelations (wiki)

There's also a .exe installer that I uploaded to gameupdates here that is smaller in size and more convenient, at least on Windows.  

PLEASE SEE THE ADDENDUM at the end; I've included fixes for some common (or not so common) problems involving Verifying Steam UserID ticket that I found on the HL2:CTF Forums

From the Installation guide:

Before installing:

(For both the Windows EXE and the ZIP archive versions of the mod)
Make sure you have downloaded and installed the FREE Steam Platform.
If running Steam, close and exit Steam.
Download the Windows EXE installer or the ZIP archive. (*hl2ctf210_full.exe is preferrred.)

Installing the hl2ctf210_full.EXE or _upgrade.EXE:

Shut down the Steam Platform
Double-click the HL2CTF .EXE installer file you downloaded.
Verify the location of your /SourceMods folder when prompted.
Click Install. *In the case of an upgrade, allow the installer to overwrite all files.
Run Steam and locate 'Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag 2.1' in your Steam Games Library.

Installing the hl2ctf210_full.ZIP or _upgrade.ZIP:

Shut down the Steam Platform
Open the HL2CTF .ZIP archive file you downloaded and run "Test Archive" to verify.
In the ZIP utility, select extract archive, from Explorer right-click on the ZIP and select "Extract to:"
Extract the archive with folders to your /SourceMods folder which will create the /hl2ctf folder.
Run Steam and locate 'Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag 2.1' in your Steam Games Library.

Having problems getting the game to run?

Visit our Technical Support forum with the details to get help.

Running a HL2CTF 2.1 Windows Server

Before installing:

Run the HLDS Update Tool for Windows as described in our HL2CTF 2.1 Basic Server Setup Guide.
Note: HL2CTF 2.x now uses the Episode 1 SDK not HL2DM!


Download the (or and extract it with folders into your C:srcds which will create the /hl2ctf folder.
Adjust the /hl2ctf/cfg/server.cfg to customize the game settings. (also the match_server.cfg for tournaments)
Optionally adjust the /hl2ctf/mapcycle.txt and the motd.txt.
Create a shortcut by right-clicking the srcds.exe and save the shortcut.
Edit the shortcut target to:
C:srcdssrcds.exe -console -game hl2ctf -maxplayers 16 +map floodzone -autoupdate

Start the server by double-clicking the shortcut.
Type QUIT in the srcds console to exit and shut down the server.

Running a HL2CTF 2.1 Linux Server

Before installing:

Install the HLDS Update Tool as described in our HL2CTF 2.1 Basic Server Setup Guide.
Download the EPISODE 1 SDK content by running: ./steam -command update -game "episode1" -dir .


Download the (or and unzip it with folders into your /srcds_l folder.
Adjust the /hl2ctf/cfg/server.cfg to customize the game settings. (also the match_server.cfg for tournaments)
Adjust the /hl2ctf/mapcycle.txt and optionally the motd.txt.
Execute the following in shell:
./srcds_run -console -game hl2ctf +maxplayers 16 +map floodzone -autoupdate

Type QUIT in the shell to exit and shut down the server.
*If you have GNU SCREEN installed you can run the server in SCREEN as follows.

Create a script named (ie. touch and edit the file with the following:

echo "Starting HL2CTF Server"
sleep 1
screen -A -m -d -S hl2ctf-server ./srcds_run -console -game hl2ctf
+maxplayers 16 +map ctf_floodzone -autoupdate

Having problems getting your Server to run?

Visit our Server Administration forum with the details to get help.

Uninstalling HL2CTF 2.1

Before Uninstalling:

Backup any custom content you want to save from the installation.
Shut down the Steam Platform.


Use Windows Explorer (WINKEY+E) or the utility you use to navigate drives and folders.
Navigate to the drive letter where you installed or extracted the mod. e.g. C: (C Drive)
Navigate to the Program FilesSteamsteamappsSourceMods folder.
Carefully delete only the hl2ctf folder from your SourceMods folder.
In Windows: Restart the Steam platform.
In Windows: If the process removed the mod from Steam then empty the Windows Recycle Bin.

Having problems Uninstalling the mod from Steam?

Visit our Technical Support forum with the details to get help.

Addendum:  (From the forum; link here.

Since there are still a few emails coming in concerning this problem since it began a few months back, we are updating all posts concerning this subject. The following method has fixed the problem for all who have tried it, so this is the absolute fix for the Steam UserID ticket error when joining a HL2CTF server.

1. Make sure you know your Steam Username and Password as well as knowing the email address you have associated with your Steam account is valid and you can access the email in the account.

2. Shut down the Steam platform (ie. exit Steam and right-click on the Steam tray icon and click EXIT)

3. Navigate to your Steam folder and carefully remove the config folder ONLY!

Windows 32bit Crogram FilesSteamconfig
Windows 64bit Crogram Files (x86)Steamconfig

4. Restart Steam

This will result in you having to login to Steam and you will be asked a security question in which the code will be emailed to you from Steam. Enter the code and Steam will restart and update itself.

*Check your SPAM folder in case the email from Steam is recognized as spam.

You will NOT lose or have to reload any games etc. This simply reconfigures Steam and sets your account with the latest security.  (I can verify this as I've done it and it fixed my problem nicely.)

Refresh Steam and HL2DM Content (if you are experiencing other problems this may help; I did this too, just in case):

Forum link here.

Refresh Steam and HL2DM Content

The following are two of the most repeated processes which will update your Steam platform and will validate your HL2M content. This is not guarenteed to fix problems you may be experiencing but is definitely a good starting point...

Preface: Make sure you definitely know your Steam login name and password!!

1. Shut down Steam by closing all Steam windows and right-clicking the Steam tray icon and selecting EXIT

2. Navigate to your Steam folder (ie. Crogram FilesValveSteam or for 64-bit Crogram Files (x86)ValveSteam) and delete the ClientRegistry.blob

3. Restart Steam and your Steam platform will be updated and you will be required to login

4. Verify your HL2 Source Deathmatch content by copying and pasting this into your browser: steam://validate/320

To verify the contents of other HL2 Source GCF files, click the following link for the Steampowered help page:

Steam Powered Answer ID 282: How can I verify that my GCF Cache files are good?

These two processes are highly suggested and completely innocuous as long as you have not forgotten your Steam password.

Other Steam Tests

These tests will launch Steam if you do not already have Steam loaded. It will then perform the test and will create a report file on your desktop. This may help in diagnosing certain problems you are having with Steam as opposed to the mod:

Steam Background Applications Test

Steam Crash Test

Steam Connection Test

Updating your Dedicated Server

*Instructions on setting up a dedicated server at

Linux Dedicated Server

./steam -command update -game hl2mp -dir .

Note: Running the latest steam binary now requires your processor support the SSE2 instruction set which you can work out by running the command: cat /proc/cpuinfo under Linux and checking the flags line.

Windows Dedicated Server

hldsupdatetool -command update -game hl2mp -dir C:srcds

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