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ArmA 2 v1.09

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Missions 1.08-1.09 Changelog
   * Fixed: I2 - mission is not failling before the takeoff.
   * Fixed: C1,I1 - SD pistol mags were missing.
   * Fixed: C5 - high command icons were not loaded.
   * Fixed: C6 - task waypoint for transport important POW is fixed.
   * Fixed: C3 - smuggler not shooting.
   * Fixed: C2 - Pepan is not at the pump.
   * Fixed: I1 - Shilka was too strong.
   * Fixed: I1 - Razor is hunting down one enemy on whole chernarus.
   * Fixed: minor fixes in (CZ/RU) dubbing protocol.

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ArmA 2 (276.7 MB)


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