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open Outcast - Oasis 1.1 tech demo - inofficial sequel to Outcast (Crysis Wars Mod)

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Oasis 1.1, the second tech demo of the open Outcast Total Conversion Mod for Crysis Wars

== Any screenshots? Videos? Why should I bother downloading? ==

See and

== How do I play this, I don't have Crysis Wars! ==

No big deal, simply use the freely available Crysis Wars Trial to run Oasis 1.1 as described on

== About open Outcast ==

The aim of the open Outcast project is the creation of an inofficial sequel to the Action-Adventure Outcast (published back in 1999).
It is developed by volunteers all over the world who share the vision of creating a game that is comparable to commercial titles both in overall quality (visuals, sound and music, stability, gameplay) and game length.
We'd like to point out that we are NOT creating a remake of Outcast on a newer engine!

== About Oasis 1.1 ==

Oasis 1.1 is our second technology demo and should demonstrate that it is possible to change the gameplay of the first-person-shooter Crysis Wars by adding Adventure game typical elements such as an advanced dialogue system that supports nonlinear dialogues, a properly implemented 3rd person camera and a fully featured journal.

== Features ==

- Two regions to explore
- Dialogue System with support for nonlinear dialogues
- 3rd person camera
- A handful of quests
- Free travelling between the regions
- Voice Acting and lipsync for all dialogues
- Subtitles available in French and German

== We want your feedback! ==

One of the goals of the Oasis 1.1 release is getting your feedback on the gameplay and your general impression about our work. You are encouraged to take our survey after playing the tech demo and join the discussion in one of our Oasis 1.1 forums.


English forum:
French forum:
German forum:

== Jobs ==

We are always looking for fresh talent, currently especially in the fields of:
- Leveldesign (experience in Sandbox 2 recommended)
- Gamedesign
- 3D Art (Modeling, Animations)
- Programming (C++, ActionScript, Lua)
- Writing (Dialogues)

If you wand to apply, visit

== Further information ==

official site:

or directly via e-Mail:

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