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Cave Story - Deluxe package by Wadeizzle

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Cave Story aka Doukutsu Monogatari - deluxe bundle by Wadeizzle

Contains PC & MAC versions fully translated, guides, useful programs and much more! Mac Installer version not available currently.

Cave Story is a freeware game by indie studio Pixel Studios, and as the freeware tag indicates is free to play. It's a side-scrolling game with a great plot, upgradeable weapons and long boss-fights.

This bundle was downloaded from a Cave Story fan site:

The bundle was an executable and has been uncompressed from the downloadlink.

It is uploaded here to keep it available (2 download links were dead at download time, 2010-05-30).

If you like the game and have a Wii, please check out the game on WiiWare. Japanese indie developers need attention too!

I have scanned the files with VirusTotal and only included the ones who were deemed virus-free - but don't trust someone on the Internet! The file is seeding using super-seeding and is limited to 100 kb/s upload, so it may be a bit slow unless more people stay with the torrent.

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