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Lightsmark 2008 v2.0 (Win+Linux+32+64bit) - next gen lighting benchmark

Uploaded by deecz


Benchmark with next-gen lighting features: realtime global illumination, color bleeding, penumbra shadows.

New in 2008:
- faster engine (up to 3x higher fps, so scores are different)
- better image quality (per-pixel indirect shadows and color bleeding)
- Linux support (was Windows only)
- native 64bit support (was 32bit only)
- all GPUs use the same render path (in 2007 they didn't due to driver bug)

Note: this is multiplatform archive, unpack it anywhere and run, no installation.

Natural lighting makes artificial graphics life-like. Computers get faster, but rendering more polygons doesn't add value if lighting looks faked, so insiders know that the next big thing is proper lighting aka Realtime Global Illumination. Typical workloads in realtime rendering will shift. Lightsmark simulates it. Global Illumination renders often take hours. Is your computer fast enough for realtime?

Before Lightsmark, realtime global illumination was limited to small scenes, small resolutions, small speeds, specially crafted scenes with handmade optimizations. Lightsmark breaks all limits at once, running in reasonably sized scene (220000 triangles) in high resolution at excellent speed (300+fps on mainstream hw). Lighting is computed fully automatically in original unmodified scene from 2007 game World of Padman, not tweaked for Lightsmark and with all sorts of geometrical difficulties.

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