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William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" meets Far Cry

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Projekt A.R.I.E.L. (ARTificial Research in Electronical Life) proudly presents the Sturm - MOD, created in the Sandbox - Editor of FarCry ((c) Crytek / Ubisoft). The mod is part of a theatre / media arts production done in summer 2008 as a project of students of the scenical arts at the university of Hildesheim, Germany. It provides an environment in which the places and actions described by William Shakespeare in his play "The Tempest" can be visited, explored, experienced and reflected by the player. The mod was performed live in the production "Projekt A.R.I.E.L." which is explained in detail on our homepage Please read the INFO.txt after downloading to learn how to set up the mod and to learn about the background story of the play.

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