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Ageia PhysX UT3 Mod Pack

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AGEIA is working to bring players the most compelling new Unreal Tournament 3 experience possible and we're starting with the Extreme Physics mod pack -with more extreme physics for UT3 coming soon.

CTF Lighthouse

Welcome to the lighthouse - an abandoned, crumbling outpost sitting in the clouds waiting to be further destroyed.

Lighthouse Features:

   * Breakable brick walls, celings, floors and gangways
   * Gravity wave-cannon which pulls debris from the environment and hurls it at the unsuspecting victim
   * Gas-canisters that fly around when shot and then blow up, impacting players

CTF Tornado

In Tornado, you'll do battle in an energy storage farm being systematically destroyed by a tornado -

Tornado Features:

   * Breakable walls and objects which create new exit/entry paths to buildings and bases
   * Game-play affecting Tornado damages and moves objects, temporarily opening or closing pathways or impeding the player
   * Rooftops with metallic deformation creating new exit/entry paths to buildings
   * Wind and vortex effects of Tornado deflecting debris, weapon-fire and players

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