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Hospital Tycoon Trailer

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Players will direct the hospital’s medical staff, ensure patients are cared for and have the treatment facilities required. There’s also the upkeep of each hospital to control and develop; dedicated areas can be built to support additional medical needs – surgery, diagnosis, physiotherapy and more. Get it right and your patients will go home happy, get it wrong and armies of angry, sick people will make your life hell.


   * You decide who to hire and fire with 60 different characters to manage.
   * Watch the medical drama unfold as nurses, doctors and patients learn to like, hate and even fall in love with one another.
   * Four different hospital locations to expand, customize and upgrade.
   * Easy to learn gameplay coupled with a multitude of challenging game modes to try.
   * All the latest equipment is available to treat hilarious diseases such as Monkey Nuts and Explosive Sneezing.

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