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First Strike - v1.2 Full Client Install

Uploaded by Zrix


Client install for First Strike v1.2.
Battlefield 2142 v1.4 required.

"This is it, the moment you've all been waiting for: First Strike v1.2 has finally arrived! The Version 1.2 patch is now available for download and general public consumption as an incremental patch or full version.

Featuring new maps, vehicles, weapons, and an array of bugfixes and gameplay tweaks, First Strike v1.2 blends infantry, vehicular, and even space combat for a truly amazing Star Wars experience. This patch has been in the making since the release of First Strike 1.1 in September of 2007, and we here on the dev team are extremely happy to bring to you all of the new toys to play with and experiences to have in v1.2 We can't wait to see all of you out on the servers with us.

Major Changes/Additions in First Strike v1.2 Include...

-7 new maps
-7 new vehicles
-Persistent stat tracking
-Over 12 high priority bug fixes
-A wide array of visual improvements
-Several new musical scores
-Many other miscellaneous tweaks

First Strike V1.2 Release - Partial Change Log

-Added Battle of Ryloth
-Added Rhen Var Research Facility
-Added Rhen Var Ice Plains
-Added Imperial Convoy Raid
-Added Tatooine Bestine
-Added Battle of Yavin
-Added Endor Clearing + high poly trees made
-Endor Strike team lightmaps tweaked, Imperial outpost lightmapped, mini turbolasers added to outpost, end of round bug fixed
-Escape from hoth Star Destroyer Hangar lightmapped
-General visual clean-up of maps

-Added T1-B Hovertank
-Added Firehawk Hovertank
-Added Rebel Freerunner (including Artillery version)
-Added T-47 Airspeeder
-Added Lambda Shuttle
-Added Tie Defender
-Added Ryloth mining lifts and mine trucks
-Added Rebel anti-personnel and anti-vehicle ground turrets
-Starfighters coded for atmospheric flight
-Damage Zones added to Capital Ships
-Boost function added to Capital Ships
-Winter version of Speederbike
-Winter version of Firehawk
-Dust effects added to ground vehicles
-1st person arms added to Speederbike
-Wreck meshes done for most vehicles

-Added Endor Rebel Squad Leader
-Added Snow Rebel Squad Leader
-Improved Rebel Fleet Soldier texture
-Improved Rebel Pilot texture
-Improved 1st person hand textures for Fleet Rebel, Fleet Rebel Officer, and Imperial Officer

-Improved E-11 texture and normal maps
-Improved E-11 Carbine texture and normal maps
-Improved SE-14r Repeating Blaster texture and normal maps
-Improved MG15 Assault Rifle texture and normal maps
-Improved A280 Assault Rifle texture and normal maps
-Improved E17D Rifle texture
-Improved MK1 Rifle texture
-Improved T-10 Rifle texture
-Improved DH17 Pistol texture
-Improved Proton Torpedo Launcher texture
-Increased polycounts on some weapons
-Most weapons given new animations
-Reloading added to certain weapons
-Easteregg kit added to certain maps

-Certain main menu improvements (new background, menu sounds, etc)
-Various collision and visual mesh fixesoptimizations
-Some misc effects added
-Over 12 high priority bug fixes

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Uploaded by Zrix


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